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Let’s take a look below, our Frequently asked questions for using our online Forex and commodity signals trading service or contact us for more details.

Trading Signals

What is a trading signal?

A trading signal is a piece of calculated information on any financial market for generating profit. Our trading signal provides all the detail you may need to trade. All signal produced and sent with a clear entry point, stop loss and take profit level.

Trading signals for online market have different titles, but all mean the same and serve same purpose i.e. currency signal, currency forecast, EUR/USD recommendations, fx signals, forex signals

Do you offer copy trading?

No, we do not offer copy trading service. We send a signal, and you will place trade which is more safe option to maintain the account.

Do they cover 24 hours?

We provide a signal whenever appropriate within 24 hours a day and five days a week. Our methodology is to continuously and carefully scan the market. There might be a day when you will get more trades, compare with a trading day when we publish fewer signals.


What sessions are your signals sent through?

We mainly cover the USA and UK markets timing. But regularly trading activities scanning is always in place and signals generated according to global market situation and events. Whenever the right opportunity identified to enter the market, we will send you trading signals.

What expiry Time do you use for your Signals?

It entirely depends on the type of signal. Intraday will expire within 12hr (approx.), the short term will different, and swing might have more extended time.

Your Signals are appropriate to mentioned (or we can say any) brokers?

You can use our signal with any broker of your choice.

Do you provide a binary signal?

No. we do not provide a signal for binary.

How many signals a day do you offer?

Its 14+ signal in a day for standard package onwards. Trial package signals quantity will always be less than other packages.

what time you send signals.

We mainly send during the UK and New York session time. But the system might send you signals if right opportunity identified at anytime.

Do you use stop loss, take profit levels?

Yes, no signal will be issued without stop loss (SL) and take profit (PL)s level. We advise, not to place any trade without SL and PL. Theoretically, it allows controlling maximum loss for each trade, which is most important to secure account.

What's the maximum stop loss pips for intraday trade.

In most cases its 30 to 35 pips for intraday signals.

Do you use market or pending orders?

All  signals are pending orders. As soon as you receive a signal with a pre-defined Entry level, Take Profit and stop loss points, you can place a trade as a pending order. When a new signal is received, you should put it as fast as possible subject to your choice.

Why there are no trades today?

We should not trade for the sake of trading. Unless or until the right opportunity identified, we will not send a signal. Our goal is to provide trade that can make a profit rather than generate signals to enter in “trade.”

Sometimes the market is so volatile to trade. It’s better to lose an opportunity than trade with uncertainty. Though trading can have losses, our method always considers the best possible calculation to avoid unwanted losses.


How accurate are your forecasts?

Practically, our forecast is more than 60% to 70% accurate on a monthly and quarterly basis. Disclaimer: past performance is not a clear indication of future performance. Visit the performance section for more detail.

How many pips approximately can I make monthly using your system?

We target 300+ pair for “each pair” individually, but it may vary depending on market condition. Trading is risky, and there can be losses as well. read full Disclaimer.

Do you have any past data available?

We provide a signal whenever appropriate within 24 hours a day and five days a week. Our methodology is to continuously and carefully scan the market. There might be a day when you will get more trades, compare with a trading day when we publish fewer signals.


How many pips are you guaranteed a month?

There cannot be a guarantee for trading. Risk cannot be ignored while trading. Our system designed to perform best as per knowledge, methodology. You can review our performance section read full Disclaimer.

what is your success rate/ratio?

As per past performance, It’s between 60 %to 70%. Past performance is not precise and the only indicator of future results.


What is Risk/Reward Ratio?

it’s 1:2 approximately depending on trade type.

Is there any month that you guys closed in negative

Yes, its possible.


What's the maximum drawdown

Its different for many pair and type of trading pattern. Visit our performance section for more detail.

What's the minimum investment

We do not advise on the investment side. Brokers have their minimum amount requirement. Our signal can be used with your trading system.

Note: It’s always advisable not to take exposure more than 1% of your account value for a single trade and not more than 5% of total account in all trades at any given time.

How To?

Can I use recently expire signal?

No. you should not use, expire signal even if it recently expired.

What should I do if signal expiry while I am already in trade?

It’s best to let your trade run until it reaches to “take profit” level or “ stop loss” level. If it’s required to exit from trade as per recommendation, we will send an alert.

Do I need to exit or close current trade once signal expired in the dashboard?

No. if your trade already triggered, you don’t need to close the trade. Let the trade run as per plan/provided signal. if we see a change in the market, we will send a notification to close trade manually.

Do I need to set the expiry date of the signal?

Yes, depending on the type of signal you should place expiry time for trade execution. “Trade execution” shall be canceled after expiry time.

Can I use the same signal twice after getting profit first time

No. you can use signal only once. If the market hit profit or loss point, it can move with a different pattern. Therefore, you cannot use the same signal twice.

What lot size should I have with your signal?

Decide a percentage or amount risk limit; you’ll risk on each trade. Most traders risk 1% or less of their account value for a single trade and not more than 5% of the total account in all trades at any given time.

How do I receive your Signals?

You will receive REAL-TIME FоrеxSignаlѕ update notification viа SMS, Emаil, mobile app (Android) and update at website dashboard. No matter where уоu are оrwhаt you аrеdоing, we will ѕеndуоu SMS, Email аlеrt and mobile app notification whenever Signаliѕidеntifiеd. Specific package have SMS notification limit. Visit signal skyline pricing page.

How can I check my trading signals?

To check your signals, you have to be registered (if you are not, click here to register). Enter your login and password at the top of any page, and you will be redirected to user dashboard, where you can check all the subscribed signals based on your package.

Subscription & Payment

Can I pay with local exchanger?

No. it’s not possible

Do you provide free signals with any other service?
No. we are dedicated signals and forecast system company. We are not Introducing broker (IB) to any company. IBs or even some brokerage house provides free signal and forecast. They get a commission in each trade you do. Some time middle layer’s interest is you do more trading irrespective you lose or win. Our business model based on repeat client. And your account has to be in profit, then only you come back to us. Very simple you win, we win.

I have no card, how I will send you cash?

We don’t accept cash. We have a bank transfer option for enterprise package only with a minimum number of months. Contact support for further detail.

We accept only for our package price; there is no option to deposit money for trading etc.

Do you accept visa card payment?

We accept PayPal for subscriptions. You can pay through with PayPal with various cards like Visa, Master, American Express, etc. Visit PayPal for available options according to your region.

How much do you charge for your signals?

We offer different packages. You can visit our price and plan page.

Is it possible to subscribe to one or two currency pairs?

We offer various package. You can subscribe according to your need. But we do not provide one or two pair individually. Visit price page for more detail.

How much time does it takes to have direct access to the signals?

There is instant access to the signals. After Signal Skyline approves your purchase, you will receive your login details automatically, and you will be able to sign in to your account immediately.



Can I make use of Signalsfactory anywhere in the world?

YES! All you need is a laptop with enabled internet connection.

Do I need to open trading account with you or send money to you for trading?

No, we are not broker. We don’t open or provide Forex or commodity online trading accounts. We provide trading support for prices forecast and signals.

Can you refer any broker to open account?

Unlikely other signals providers, we feel it is a comfit of interest. Do your best research, Due diligence before you chose right broker. Referring to a broker means “commission”, and that is not our business model.

Do You Filter Signal during Economic News Events?

Yes. Every signal is automatically filtered during high effect and medium impact news events for all currency pair. This will help our growth in overall win-rate and it saves you time from having to check an economic calendar for daily news events yourself.

Problem & Error

I have user name and password, but can’t login.

Kindly, check your payment status or you can reset password and login. If you still have the same issue, contact us

Why am getting recurring payment error?

Your PayPal account is not active for recurring payment. Either you can enable recurring payment, or you can request a temporary payment link

Trying to register for the 7-days trial but it's not going through.

You can check your payment method. Contact us if there is still an issue.

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